Book your table in advance 


Yohei omakase..........$163 per person, around 6 apptizers, 10 Nigiri, Tamago, soup and dessert

Yoshi omakase.............around $250 per person ( need to request at least 2 weeks in advance)
(Cancellation fee for extended menu if within 2 week. It will be $163/meal--just for ingredients)
Yoshi omakase serves only 6 guests per days due to limited hands. First comes, first serves.

We are unable to accommodate to gluten free requirements.

Cancellation Policy: Due to our extremely limited space, any cancellation within a 48-hour period of the time of the reservation, or any no-shows will incur a cancellation fee of $163 per person.. Please kindly understand that guests,who fail to arrive within 15 minutes of the time of their reservation, and have not contacted us, will have their reservation canceled and will be charged of $163 per person and any no-shows or same day cancellation will be charged of $163 as well.

Only for EXTENDED MENU: It's because need to be reserved the best fish and ingredients for EXTENDED MENU , cancellation fee of $163 will be charged if cancel within 2 WEEK.

Please don't expect any fancy or fusion style here. Very very simple sushi restaurant . NOT FUSION restaurant at all. The restaurant's specialize very TRUE authentic Japanese "Edomae" style sushi restaurant.